The GO-TRYKE: a (r)evolution in the world of disability.

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Meet Živa, currently an intern at GBY
Meet Živa, currently an intern at GBY

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To disabled people willing to push their physical limits while developing their autonomous mobility in their daily and family activities, GBY brings with the GO-TRYKE®, an electrical three-wheeled bike with astonishing capacities, a solution for the mobility that simultaneously enables to have a physical activity while stimulating the injured functions.

The GBY team

Designed by and for disabled people

The GO-TRYKE® is designed by a partial quadriplegic for people with different degrees of disability.

Swiss quality

Do you want the best? So do we!
For this reason, the GO-TRYKE® is designed and assembled in Switzerland, exclusively by GBY.

Intelligent movement

The GO-TRYKE® has been designed to generate a simultaneous and natural asynchronous movement of the arms and the legs, like on some re-education equipment. The time spent on the GO-TRYKE® is therefore twice as efficient!

Leisure time

Breathe fresh air, discover new landscapes or re-discover places that have become inaccessible to you, get out with your family or friends: so many enjoyable moments that we would like you to feel again thanks to the GO-TRYKE®.

As a sport

Are you willing to excel, to push your limits, to explore new ways? The GO-TRYKE® will soon become your favorite partner!


Faster? Further? For a longer time? Higher? It is up to you to determine which limits the electric assistance will allow you to surpass.

Foldable frame for easy transportation

Thanks to its foldable frame, the GO-TRYKE® can be easily transported in most common vehicles.

Evolving product

Different options will enable you to choose the GO-TRYKE® that will best suit you, or is best adaptable to the rhythm of your own progresses.

Standards components

We build the GO-TRYKE® with standard components that can be replaced and fixed by any bike mechanic.

Your feedback

  • I look forward to ride with my wife and to explore with her places that are currently inaccessible to me.

    Sonat D.

  • The advantage of the GO-TRYKE is that it is not a unique model. Whether you are Para, Tetra, Quadra, Hemi, there will always be a solution to get you on a bike with GBY.

    Laurent D.

  • A big thank you to the whole GBY's team. Always listening to the customer to find a personalized solution. Such a young team but already so competent and friendly.

    Mario F.

  • The GO-TRYKE is not only a leisure vehicle, it is a functional and psychological therapy. The GO-TRYKE indirectly feels good to people who share the lives of people with reduced mobility.
    A big THANK YOU to the whole GBY's team for this invention, which will undoubtedly bring immeasurable happiness to all future owners.

    Fabrice V.

  • It's absolutely amazing!!! It goes everywhere, it climbs everywhere and as a bonus it makes the legs work. The playful aspect becomes therapeutic. It is clear that GBY has designed the GO-TRYKE very well.

    Laurent D.

  • The GO-TRYKE is really great, exceptional. I was on a cloud, I found during this trial an immense joy to be able to walk and unwind in the forest with my wife, something I hadn't done for at least 25 years.

    Fabrice V.

  • It's incredible, my legs have instinctively regained the reflex of pedaling!
    Before the test ride with the GO-TRYKE I had stiff legs, now they are soft. The fact that the legs are moving makes the effect of lymphatic drainage.

    Laurent D.

  • Sebastian Tobler is a real mechanic and the GO-TRYKE is a Swiss made wonder. The proposed solutions relegate other handbikes to the rank of prehistory.

    Laurent D.

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