Vision and Values

Our vision and company values reflect our capabilities and aspirations, and the unique properties of the products that we make. Our future lies in continually reinforcing the value proposition we offer to our customers and the commitments we’ve made to our partners, the environment and the community in which we operate. By creating high-value products through innovation, we make the world more accessible, easier and more enjoyable.

We work with our clients to offer products specific to the particular needs of the tetraplegics, actively contributing to the development of their autonomy. GBY is the acronym for Go By Yourself, which reflects above all else encouragement but also our objective: the development of the autonomy.

The following values are the basis of our credo. As individuals and as a company, we are putting into practice these values every day.


Always trying to behave in a honest and right way, we stick to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism with each of our undertakings.


We are eager to promote an open and transparent communication with each of our customers and partners: the basis of a relationship made of trust.


We would like to bring to our clients trustworthy products that are a reference as far as quality is concerned.

Social responsibility

We feel it is our duty to use our experience, our knowledge and our skills to improve the daily life of our clients and to develop and facilitate their leisure activities.

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