Continuously willing to increase the autonomy of disabled people, GBY Ltd is working on several ongoing projects, for which we are looking for some financial support. These are shortly presented below:


  • The therapeutical TRIKE

    The prototype of the trike has been tested for more than one year, which has allowed us to show the efficiency and the high potential of the product, easily meeting the initial expectations. Following discussions with therapists as well as with a clinic, a "therapy" version will soon be developed to test the product on patients.

  • The stimulation

    The movement of the body parts can be stimulated in different ways. One of them, well known, is the FES, standing for Functional Electrical Stimulation. We are currently testing a combined prototype on a TRIKE. The user's muscles of the inactive body parts are stimulated with electrodes synchronically powered with the movement of the pedals. This project has triggered several new ideas of development in connection with the electrical stimulation, its programming, etc.

  • Specific adaptations

    We are aware of the specific needs of each individual. A tetraplegic cannot, for example, change gears or correctly break with the help of his/her hands. Developments are currently on their way to offers alternatives to these physical limits. We hope to be able to offer some break alternative for the tetraplegics by mid-2017.

  • Other devices

    We have in our pipeline other devices, currently available as prototypes or concepts, that we are willing to develop and offer as products, for individuals as well as for therapeutic centers.

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